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Hi, I’m Sheenekah

Hey there, I’m Sheenekah, the owner of S&S Virtual Solutions! As a black-owned business that specializes in Virtual Assistance and Recruiting services, I’m dedicated to providing exceptional support. With my Master’s degree in Human Resources Management and years of experience in HR, particularly in the exciting field of Recruiting, I’ve developed a knack for finding the perfect fit.

But that’s not all! With over a decade of professional administration work experience, I’ve become a master of organization and a pro at handling various administrative responsibilities. I’ve discovered a true passion for helping clinicians in countless ways. My goal? To take care of those time-consuming administration tasks so that you can focus your energy on what truly matters – the clients!

I’m thrilled to bridge the gap for my clients, ensuring that integrity is always at the forefront. Get ready to experience a world of seamless support and watch your business thrive!

Work Smarter.
Not Harder.

Are you a dedicated clinician looking to regain valuable time in your day? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the constant influx of new client inquiries? Are the administrative tasks of setting up new clients in your EHR system and managing appointment scheduling taking a toll on your productivity?

I understand the challenges you face in managing your practice efficiently while providing excellent patient care. That’s why I’m happy to introduce my Virtual Assistant Services designed specifically for clinicians like you.
I am trained to handle the administrative burdens that come with managing a thriving practice. By partnering with me, you can reclaim your time, reduce stress, and focus on what truly matters: providing exceptional care to your clients.

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$50/Hr min. of 5hrs

Recruiting Services


Client Love


T'Shayla K.

S&S virtual solutions was helpful with assisting my tax business by helping to recruit tax preparers and handling email management. Sheenekah was hands on and kept in constant communication!

Oshawa S.

S&S Solutions are true professionals who understands the importance of responsibility and urgency. From the moment this company took on my Recruiting project, they were focused on executing the tasks with quality results. Their work ethic and leadership skills shine through, and I was very impressed with the successful outcome. I highly recommend Sheenekah for any project requiring a high level of personal development and strong project management.

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